Computer Generated Imagery

I have 10 plus years of experience building, texturing, and rigging objects and characters. My experiences with 3D modeling led me down a fulfilling path to expand my skills in computer programming, system design, networking, and server technology. I have extensive skills in the Adobe creative suite, as well as many other industry standard production tools.

Practical programming and robotics

I designed and implemented a greenhouse climate system controller using network connected Arduino based micro-controllers and visual studio built control program on Windows enabling the system to be controlled remotely, graph changes, and to send status reports. I used a similar program on a smaller scale to control fans and heaters in a chicken incubator to hatch chicks.

Event services

I have a passion for building solutions with entertainment technologies that exceed the needs of the client and adapt to the location and other changing conditions. I love using acoustic analysis of a venue, engineering sound reproduction for live musicians, programming digital stage lighting for theatrical productions, projection systems for events and outdoor cinema, live video streaming to the internet, and constructing computer networks/systems. I enjoy the challenge of going beyond the typical production to beat expectations.

Director of Photography

3D animation led me to an interest in cinematography where I was responsible for lighting, framing, and composing scenes for music videos and documentaries. I served as director of photography for scenes in Renée Hudson’s video Love at the Wilson County Fair. I also worked as Director of Photography in videos for artists Mr. Laylow, Time Frame, and many independent interviews/comercials. I also do professional photography for products, events, and in the Aviation industry.